Eddie Rose

Hypnotist, Spiritual Coach, and Martial Arts-Energy Arts Instructor in Bonita Springs, Florida

Professor Eddie Rose is the President and Founder of the Tiger Flower School (TFS), Rose Hypnosis, and Tora Hana Training (THT) Company.

As a Former Law Enforcement Officer/Detective, Former Private Investigator, and currently a Self-Development SPECIALIST, Ordained and Certified Spiritual COACH, innovative HYPNOTIST, and a World-Class Martial Arts Grandmaster INSTRUCTOR, Professor Rose brings a unique synergy and extraordinary real-life experiences to the Health and Wellness forum and practice.

Professor Rose has an accredited Doctorate in METAPHYSICS with over 45 years of Spirituality/Martial Arts/Healing Arts experience, over 30 years of combined Law Enforcement & Security/Protection experience, and has been coaching, teaching, and public speaking for over 35 years. Professor Rose has coached, trained and spoken in public to thousands of people both nationally and internationally.

Contact Professor Rose and find out how he can help YOU or your organization experience the path of an extraordinary life.

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