Ed Duffy

Communications Strategist in Chicago, Illinois


I am a communications professional with a passion for helping mission-driven organizations increase audience awareness, engagement, and action to drive measurable results.


Whether leading a marketing communications campaign, an organizational development initiative, leadership training, or a change management process, I dig in and help clients boil down what messaging needs to be conveyed strategically, then advise them on the best tactics to leverage in order to create measurable outcomes and reach the organization's overall goals.


- Strategic communicator with dynamic written, interpersonal, and presentation skills.

- Effective manager with a proven track record for meeting and exceeding performance expectations.

- Proven leader, adept at problem solving, process implementation, and change management.

- Relationship-builder with an exceptional client focus and a collaborative mindset.

- High-energy, challenge-driven, team player with a strong work ethic and high integrity.

- Skilled producer with a knack for telling engaging stories in both traditional media and new media.