E. Delfin

Teacher, Artist, and Musician in California

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I am a high school English teacher who loves to create dynamic and engaging lesson plans for my students. These lesson plans represent my personality and interests. These interests include modern art, contemporary film, hip hop culture, and music.

I have taught all levels of high school English throughout Southern California including the AP, Honors, and Intervention populations. I also have eight years of experience working as an Instructional Aide in various Special Education settings.

I am very active in promoting school culture and professional development. I implement AVID strategies within my classroom as well as Restorative practices. I am the current organizer for a collaborative group at the high school that is focused on promoting the Humanities to a STEM-focused school. The group is composed of English, Art, and History teachers with the collective goal of showcasing the critical thinking skills that the humanities promote.

I have been a DJ for nineteen years and continue to work on numerous musical side projects. These projects often incorporate numerous jazz, funk, soul, rock, R&B, and hip hop music. I have also provided numerous school activities including, but not limited to, school dances, lunchtime activities, as well as after-school club banquets.

I oversaw the production Arcadia High School's yearbook for two years: The Arcadian

I have taught an elective of Speech Dynamics, a course designed to help students with their public speaking or foster those students interested in joining the AHS Speech and Debate team.

I am also an aspiring visual artist that works with different mediums including photography, painting, illustrations, sculptures, and graphic design. I am currently building a portfolio to pursue a credential to teach Art.

I painted literary themes onto three colleagues' podiums. (one / two / three)

University of California, Irvine

- Masters of Arts in Teaching

- Single Subject Credential

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