Eden Prairie Blinds

Repair in Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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Business Address:
8725 Columbine Rd #44743B
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Business Phone:
(612) 509-2333

Business Email:
[email protected]

Window Blinds, Shades, Service, Repair

We deliver an all in one solution with various components that serve the internal and external shading requirements for both residential, commercial and public properties. To build upon our position as industry leaders, we invest a significant amount of resources into innovation and advancement of the systems, tools, supplies, technology, and equipment used to provide valuable solutions to our customers as well as equipment used throughout the industry. Furthermore, our team believes that learning is a never-ending venture. All of our team members share the same values and unwavering enthusiasm towards learning and applying our knowledge and industry expertise on behalf of our community.