Founder , CEO , and Purveyor of fine hand-created WI-FIs in Colorado Springs, CO

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ACMX • CWNE • CWNT • Instructor

Wireless network professional, doing what I love, and loving where I live... Colorado!

Bringing wireless experience & expertise, in designing, implementing, & troubleshooting WLANs since 2009.

I also teach others about 802.11 wireless, how it works, hot to design it, and how to troubleshoot it, all over the world. (25 countries so far!)🤓



BadFi.com - the blog.

Communica.ONE - the company.

The YouTubes! - the videos!

Mastodon - the better Twitter!

… and now on the Thre@ds!


Available for:

design / training / consulting / professional services

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    • CommunicaONE Inc.