Ed Pomponio

Fitness Blogger in Boston, Massachusetts

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Ed Pomponio is a Fitness Blogger living in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ed absolutely loves to learn all he can about proper fitness and nutrition and loves to share his fitness knowledge with others.

Ed Pomponio loves anything to do with fitness. He has always been active in sports from the time he was a small boy. He began by playing basketball at about 8 years old and as he got older, Ed Pomponio coached basketball. He also began to working out with weights in his teenage years. He said the first time he picked up a set of weights was in the summer when he was 13 years old.

His dad had a workout area in their basement and though he knew it was always there, for some reason he was suddenly very interested in all of it. Ed Pomponio said he picked up the weights and began to mimic what he remembered seeing his dad do. He started with some bicep curls, then moved right on to triceps. copying every exercise he had seen his dad do. He loved working out, it felt great to work out his muscles. That was until the next morning when he woke up and was so sore he didn't think he could lift his toothbrush. His dad told him that it was actually a good thing and that he should keep it up. After that day, Ed Pomponio started to workout with his dad, He helped him make a fitness schedule and he followed it to a tee.

It has been over thirty years and Ed Pomponio still likes to coach basketball and has been studying health & fitness and various exercise programs that have come along. Today there so many differing opinions on what works and what doesn't and on what we should eat and shouldn't eat. It can be frustrating, confusing and expensive to gain the knowledge if you are not educated in fitness and nutrition or if you have never really exercised before. That is why Ed started his own fitness blog called Ed Weighs In. which can be found on his website edpomponio.com.