Ed Rempel, CPA, CMA, CFP

Fee-For-Service Financial Planner in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Certified Financial planner and blogger Ed Rempel wants to help clients find financial freedom. As a financial blogger and someone who has 24 years of financial planning experience and 35 years as an accountant, specifically as a fee-for-service Financial Planner, Ed steadfastly dislikes “financial quackery” – financial advice that’s really just a sales pitch – and “placebo advice” – bad advice meant to make you feel good.

For the past 24 years, Ed Rempel has assisted Canadians with creating real, professional financial plans that earn results. Rempel has helped thousands of Canadians become financially secure. Their Financial Plan becomes the GPS to the life they want to live.

Currently, he runs Unconventional Wisdom, where he writes about various financial guidance related strategies and provides fee-for-service guidance. The Unconventional Wisdom website is also where Ed describes in detail several financial strategies that he has become known for, including the Smith Manoeuvre and Lifecycle Investing strategies. He is also particularly skilled with the 8-Year GIS Strategy, a strategy to help seniors qualify for larger government pensions using effective planning and investing.

Ed was awarded “Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog” by Expertido, the #1 financial blog in Canada and is afounding member of FPAC - Financial Planning Association of Canada

A prolific writer, Ed Rempel is passionate about sharing his insights with his readership. Disillusioned with the conventional wisdom often espoused by financial planners and the media, Ed prefers financial strategies that ensure results. He often guest posts for leading financial publications and websites. He has been featured in the Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Canadian MoneySaver, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar, Seeking Alpha, Costco Connection, Canadian Real Estate Magazine, Money, MoneySense, Findependence HUB, The TaxLetter, Investment Executive, Advisor.ca , Advisors’ Edge, Benefit & Pensions Monitor, Saskatchewan Pension Plan, many financial blogs, and the Build Wealth Canada podcast.