Ed Silvoso

San Jose, CA

A longtime evangelist and leader of the Transformational Christianity movement, Ed Silvoso currently serves as President of the interdenominational ministry, Harvest Evangelism, of San Jose, California. Through Harvest Evangelism—which he also founded—Mr. Silvoso collaborates with partner associates worldwide to host international conferences that encourage ecumenism and promote local, regional, and national Christian unity and cooperation. Ed Silvoso also leads the International Transformation Network, a voluntary association he founded in 2002 to build stronger alliances between Christian communities and clergy, and their local marketplaces. The ITN focuses first and foremost on eradicating poverty and other international challenges by applying models from both the church and the business world.

Ed Silvoso initially received his calling to the church as a teenager growing up in his native Argentina. He followed this calling throughout his adolescent years, working as a lay evangelist and associate preacher charged with spreading the word of God, and the teachings of the Bible, to communities near his hometown. After serving in the Argentine Army, Mr. Silvoso became a full-time pastorate of First Assembly of God Church in Mar del Plata, Argentina. While leading this congregation, he also focused on synergizing and growing Mar del Plata's Christian community, networking with area pastors to achieve this goal. Mr. Silvoso eventually joined Luis Palau's international Christian evangelism movement, before graduating from Multnomah University Bible College and Biblical Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Theology from Shepherd University in Los Angeles.

Over the last thirty-two years, Ed Silvoso has focused on growing his own ministry worldwide, and on authoring best-selling books such as THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH; WOMEN: GOD'S SECRET WEAPON; and PRAYER EVANGELISM. During his career, Ed Silvoso has also addressed massive Christian gatherings, including the World Prayer Assembly, and Global Day of Prayer.

  • Work
    • Harvest Evangelism
  • Education
    • Multnomah School of the Bible, Fuller Theological Seminary