Eduardo Oliver, PhD

Researcher in Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Science Activist in Madrid, Spain

Eduardo Oliver, PhD

Researcher in Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Science Activist in Madrid, Spain

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- Bio -

Born in Murcia (1981), I studied Pharmacy and completed my PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Valencia (Spain). I have developed my career in international institutions such as University of Rouen-Haute Normandie (France), University of Glasgow and Imperial College London (UK). Currently, I am a Senior Research Fellow of the ‘Talent Attraction’ program of the Community of Madrid working at the Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC). In addition, I am an External Lecturer of the Master in Research and Rational Use of Medicines at the University of Valencia.

- Scientific Research -

My current research line focuses on the search of new therapeutic targets and strategies against cardiovascular disease. In particular, I am interesting in better understanding how drugs targeting the beta-adrenergic system acts at the cellular and molecular level, and its pathophysiological consequences in models of myocardial infarct, heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, with the final purpose of designing new therapeutic strategies. Also, following my previous research, describing the zinc transporter ZIP12 as a new potential drug target for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension (Nature, 2015), I am studying ways of modulating its activity.

- Science advocacy -

During my tenure in the UK, I played a relevant role in the foundation and development of the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU), in which I hold various responsibilities, becoming president (2015-16) and now ambassador in Spain since 2017. Herein, I participate in the Report of recommendations on R&D in Spain for the General Elections 2015. In addition to this initiative, I have been promoter and chair of the Young Pharmacologist committee of the Spanish Society of Pharmacology (2010-15). I am a member of the DECIDES Committee on Scientific Policy of COSCE since 2016. I am promoter and former General Secretary of the Network Spanish Researchers Abroad (RAICEX) founded in 2018. Finally, since 2018 I coordinate with other researchers the citizen initiative ‘Ciencia en el Parlamento’ that promotes the use of science for policy.

- Awards and recognition -

· 'EPHAR Young Investigator Award' 2016.

· 32nd Young Pharmacologist Award of the Spanish Society of Pharmacology.

· 1st prize as tutor in Biological and Biomedical sciences of the 26 Arquímedes University Contest.

· Recognized ‘Expert on Spanish expatriate talent networks’ of ‘Los 100 de Cotec’ panel.

  • Work
    • CNIC (Spain)
  • Education
    • University of Valencia