Edward T. Felton

Nashville TN USA

Technology should "Just Work" for the average user. Generalists make your specialists work better... (A catalyst, if you will.)
When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. These are three truths I hold dear. They give a perspective not typically shared, and lead to a level of success when I am engaged to solve someone's problem(s). If the technology doesn't "just work", then you are doing it wrong.
Users shouldn't have to bend themselves to arbitrary restrictions just because the technology wasn't fully thought through.
End users don't care about how many processors, how much RAM, or how big a pipe to the Internet.

They just want to accomplish the task they set out to do, without learning a new language, along the way.

Generalists, because they don't bring a specialist's preconceptions to the table, help your specialists to think outside the box, conceive new ways that things can interact, and force a fresh look at how things could work.

Lay down your hammer, and look at your problem anew.

Ask "what are we trying to solve?" rather than "How can this problem be bent to fit this solution?"

  • Work
    • Metro Nashville Public Schools
    • Nortel networks
    • State of Tennessee