Edward Falzon. Debater. Smart-arse.

I wrote Being Gay is Disgusting in 2010 to critical acclaim. The sequel, Women should Shut Up and Listen, is due in 2016-ish. The books paraphrase the bible into an entertaining, unapologetic, unforgiving tone. No, "bible" doesn't get a capital. I'm taking a stand, dammit.

In line with the release of this "Biblical Morality" series, I toured North America, completing stage 1 of the Biblical Morality Tour in September 2012. I spoke at book stores, universities and off-campus groups in LA, Vancouver, Calgary, Omaha, Columbus and a bunch of other places. Great fun!

I'm in the planning stages of a second leg, covering the Northeast and/or the South, and I have a few other little surprises in the pipeline, too.

Watch this space!