Edward Granlund

cyber security professional in Westminster, Maryland

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Edward Granlund is a technology buff with a passion for traveling and great food. Granlund decided to follow his dreams of becoming a cyber security professional and enrolled at Carroll Community College. Upon receiving his Bachelor’s degree, he hopes to pursue a career protecting businesses and their data.
When he is not learning the tools and systems involved in cyber security, he enjoys day-trips with his family that include a delicious meal. Described by his family as a foodie, Granlund enjoys the social aspect of how food brings people together. Food also allows him to learn about new cultures. Granlund learned much about his own family’s culture through food especially while visiting his grandparents in Spain.
Granlund has a great appreciation for deep conversation. He is an active member of the Carroll Community College Philosophy Club and enjoys group discussions. He also supports several charitable organizations including the Random Acts of Kindness Club and, most recently, Habitat for Humanity.

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