Edward On

Passionate about the innovations found at the intersection of technology and business.

I was previously an experienced Management Consultant involved in strategy, intrapreneurship, innovation, and technology initiatives. My project experiences ranged from mergers & acquisitions integration strategy, corporate and consumer payrments operating models, branch metrics planning, innovation program maturity assessment / gap analysis to high-level education program design.

Outside of work, I enjoy contributing time back to my alma mater (University of Toronto), long road trips, reading about startups and learning as much as I can about the world around me.

What keeps me busy:

CEO | WingMate.me
Co-Chair | Skule Mentorship Program (UofT Engineering)

Past activities:
Consultant | Deloitte Consulting (Corporate Strategy)
School Lead (UofT) | DC (Strategy & Operations Recruitment)
Co-Founder & Program Manager | BOOST*
Lurker and sporadic contributor | Reddit

*BOOST is a volunteer consulting group at Deloitte providing strategy consulting services to tech startups