Edward Saucerman

As President and Qualified Manager of The Titan Group, Professional Investigations, Edward Saucerman oversees the company’s provision of a full-range of investigative services. Edward Saucerman and his staff provide investigative support for employment, risk, insurance, and workplace cases. With private investigators licensed to practice in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan, The Titan Group PI works with companies, law firms, and local governments on family law disputes, civil lawsuits, and asset investigations. Edward Saucerman’s company has teams devoted to several kinds of investigations. One of the largest of these is The Titan Group’s personal injury and workers’ compensation group, which serves clients around the country. Edward Saucerman’s human resources investigations encompass a full range of HR-related claims, including employment/course of employment issues; sexual harassment; California Department of Fair Employment and Housing complaints; internal investigations; and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filings. The Titan Group also provides crucial investigative support to uncover evidence of civil and criminal wrongdoing. Edward Saucerman holds experience working with professionals to identify and document all manner of fraud, including abuse of benefits, mortgage fraud, and general insurance fraud. Over the past 16 years, many types of clients have contacted Edward Saucerman and his associates for assistance with cases involving violent crimes ranging from assault to multiple victim homicide. Finally, Edward Saucerman and his staff work with individual clients as well. Many sensitive cases related to family law disputes require confidential, attentive care. Edward Saucerman’s professionals at The Titan Group have provided clients with case-winning documentary and video evidence, collected via legally appropriate monitoring and investigative techniques.