Edward Tomasso

Adventure Photographer, Photographer, and Consultant in Milan, Italy

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Edward Tomasso lives for thrill and adventure as a world traveler and entrepreneur with interests in business management and social media management.

From a young age, he was always interested in learning about the world, reading and exploring whenever he could and always asking questions.

Today his curiosity and wonder have lead him on a successful life and career path as he works to accomplish his goals and feed his passions.

Spending time in Italy Edward Tomasso has gained a great interest in adventure photography. There are so many amazing sights and scenes all throughout Italy including some of his favorite adventure spots in:








Along with Italy Edward Tomasso has also enjoyed traveling all across the globe to gain new perspectives and discover new beautiful and historical places. One of his favorite places to visit was Hawaii where he had the opportunity to learn how to surf while also encountering beautiful scenery and wildlife.

As an Entrepreneur interested in Business Management, Edward Tomasso takes much of what he learns throughout his travels and puts it into a business perspective. Traveling has allowed him to learn so much about different people and cultures and how businesses can improve and grow in a fast paced, technological society.

Edward Tomasso also tries to incorporate his love for photography in his professional work. He believes strongly that imagery, colors, lighting, and other aspects of photography can have a large impact on a person's mood, thoughts, and emotions. Using photography in business is a great way to engage with an audience and really tell a story about a brand.

Inspired by his travel photography pursuits, Edward Tomasso is passionate about international efforts that inspire individuals via the creative process. Tomasso is a proud supporter of charities the likes of Flashes of Hope, Collect.Give, PhotoVoice and Prints for Prints.