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worker in Jawa Timur, Indonesia

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www.edipurwanto2.com | Komputer Dan Elektronika

Is a simple site that contains Tutorial | Computer System | OS and Software | Electronics Science | Solution as well as a diverse set of other interesting articles that hopefully provide solutions and benefit us all.

www.edipurwanto2.com | Komputer Dan Elektronika

Is an expectation for me to be able to become one of the media information, solutions and inspiration for readers. There is no intention to patronize or show off on articles delivered because actually I am still learning and would not stop learning.



My name Edy Purwanto was born in Malang on 29 June 1969 Last education is SMK (STM Negeri 1 Malang) graduated in 1988 with a major in Communication Electronics.

I started building this website originated from my desire to save documents or media files on the Internet. Once I read an article on a blog where in the article saying that the file hosting is very closely linked to the blog, then the desire to try to build a blog. In short I became very fond of the world of blogging

Initially url I use is www.edipurwanto2.blogspot.co.id but because I want to manage a serious and at the beginning of March 2016 I turn it into www.edipurwanto2.com. Hopefully, my young web is no benefit to the reader and also for myself

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