Eugenia Montiel

"The important thing is not to stop questioning." Albert Einstein

And from I was a little girl I am always asking questions, fascinated by know the reasons of life. At school I was immensely happy, always interested in everything I could learn. After a few years, Biology Degree in University of Granada helped me to unravel new questions and now, after intense years in the research of genetic and evolution of mobile elements to get my PhD, I can be person who answer questions.

Music and photography are passions that feed my leisure time and creativity. Although I have participated in diverse choral groups: Villamarta Teather Chorus in Jerez or Facultad de Ciencias Poliphonic Choral in Granada; the Madrigal Quartet is where I have enjoyed and learnt more. On other hand, discovery of scientific photography (microscopic and macro), and my improvement in urban photography have made me possible to share my particular vision of world.

Enthusiast, independent, communicative or tenacious are adjectives that would describe me, but always happy.