Effective weight loss

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For effective slimming you need to follow a few basic rules, namely regular meals (5 meals a day at intervals of approximately 3 hours), without additional milking between scheduled meals.

Start your day with a full breakfast.

In this way, you would stimulate your body to work and accelerate the metabolism.

The last meal should be eaten about 3 hours before bedtime.

You should also drink as much water as you possibly can.

Avoid fried and fatty foods. You can use spices and aromatic herbs, but you should limit the salt.

Avoid sugar, sweets and instant processed foods! That’s bad for you!

Always pay attention to the saturated fat content, straight sugars and check if the product contains sodium.

Diet is 70% of success in the slimming process, and 30% is physical activity, which I also encourage. If you want to read more tips like that please visit: pastiglie per dimagrire

It is important that the activity is systematic and enjoyable.

The diet should be properly balanced and varied.

It should also provide all the nutrients in the right proportions.