Egmond Petzoldt


I have studied in a lot of fields, from the spiritual to carpentry from farming to the esoteric. I worked in many creeds as well. Apart from carpentry and farming, I worked in social work, as a therapist, I illustrated and drew cartoons, worked as a copywriter and in a good dozen of other blissfuly unrelated trades as well.

Having had some success with blogging and even having earned a few bucks, I have come to the conclusion that selling good products as an affiliate will work, but only if you can keep focused and interested.

My real interests though are with art in all it's forms, hence my new focus: Amazon publishing, both for myself and other authors. Presently I offer a service geared to formatting books, submitting them on several platforms including Amazon and pre and post marketing. One of my older fun projects is my scribble blog where I liked to illustrate aspects of my life.
This brought me to extending my services to making customised QR codes, logo's and covers for e-books.

If you are interested in any of these services you can contact me at: ... just to spare you the boring sales pages

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