Ehsan Nazari

Software Engineer, Designer, and Teacher in London,UK

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Hi, I am Ehsan Nazari, the creator and director of advertising films, as

well as a researcher and video marketing expert, and I help sales

managers and companies to produce video content along with other

marketing activities so that they can use video as a complementary

powerful tool in their marketing and marketing programs.

Before working as a video marketing specialist, I worked for six years as a

graphic designer and advertising consultant with various advertising

agencies, and after a continuous and successful professional activity in

the field of advertising and providing services to various individuals

and companies, now I also work with them as a consultant and designer of

video marketing campaigns.

I am also the author of the first book on video marketing in Persian, which was published in May 2019 after three

years of research by reputable foreign sources, with a combination of

my own experiences and with the help of the greats of the world of

Iranian advertising videos such as Omid Khakpournia and Pejman


I serve to provide any assistance in training, consulting and running video marketing campaigns for companies' products and

services, as well as producing video for personal branding of



Email:[email protected]