Eider Vasconcelos

I am a hispanic online marketinganalyst. I thrive in studying what the hispanic trends are around the world geared for the web to provide with better insight as to how strategies are to be taken into action.

Started in the business while still in prep school, so I have been around for a while. A bit less than 15 yrs. under my belt and over 500 projects that I have worked on and overseen makes me an ideal consultant.

There has been some travelling which has allowed me to fall in love with diverse cultures and be able to see how technology interacts with them. In return, I grab knowledge that comes my way and simply apply it via recordable experiments until I get an ROI figure that makes it work. spanish online marketing is a huge boom for companies and individuals that want to get in before it all goes crazy in the coming years and prices skyrocket. Check out my homepage and get in touch.