ekōbius amazon

Amazon Highlands, Guiana Shield, Venezuela

Welcome to Ekobius, here at the end of the road in Venezuela's Northern Amazon, in the foothills of the Guiana Highlands (sort of where the jungle meets the mountains). This is our house we have other photos online too. Here beyond our lodgehouse to the North, South and East there are no more roads or commercial establishments for over 700 kilometers, the property adjacent to us is about as big as Norway. 650,000 square kilometers of unbroken wilderness, a virtual playground for botanists, naturalists and other scientists pursuing photography and research. There are 13 indigenous reservations, 23 natural monuments, and 9 national reserves or parks.

We just moved here in 2013 and are just getting started, the property is 40 hectares and needs to be reforested. We are currently looking for volunteers to help us fix the place up, establish more permaculture, introduce sustainable systems on the parcel using the river, develop a medicinal plant nursery, and even come live with us if they want. Our idea involves also the establishment of a model sustainable ecovillage community.

We are starting a 9 month capital development campaign using crowdfunding for 2014 which involves an open community school for our indigenous nieghbors, a university class field research center, a survival training campground, and alternative appropriate technology demonstration center. Come visit us, or find out more!

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