Elaine Fisher

Writer in Phoenix, AZ

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Since 2013, I have been a member of the writing group, 'The Writing Journey.' Several of my short stories and poems are published in their anthologies:

Voices from the Dark, a collection of dark stories and poems.


Human, an online anthology, dealing with the human condition.


Near Myths, an anthology that re-imagines classic fairy tales and mythology.


Click on 'Read my book'-- 'Shades of Reality' is my own collection of stories and poems, self-published March, 2020, available on Amazon.

I am currently editing my first novel, The Dream Traveler's Memoir-- a YA, coming-of-age, historical fantasy exploring three worlds: the Present, the Old West, and a Dream World occupied by a race of bird-like beings. The story is told through the viewpoint of teenager Jane Heron and her parallel self from a small frontier town in the 1890s.

Besides writing, I am a member of a camera club, PhotoGenesis.

For more info, please visit my shared website with my photographer husband.

Fisher Photos and Prose – Photography and Writing https://aephotoandprose.com/