Musician and Student in Nederland

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I am a 17 year old musician currently living in the Netherlands.

Since my dad introduced me to music production i haven’t stopped producing my own tracks ever since. I always had a passion to make my own music. When i was a little kid, i used to play around with a small keyboard.

One day my dad told me about producing music on the computer with sequencers and drum patterns. That's when I started to make my own tracks. I have made several productions from that point, ranging from Hardstyle to pop. Thanks to my wide range of EDM productions i’m not limited to producing a specific genre. With constantly improving my productions and learning new things i hope to achieve my goal of becoming a famous producer and inspire other people.

You can click the button above to listen to my music. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

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