me was born in Srilanka and living here too. Though my Childhood was all aroud the Country i wish to stablize my rest of life in Mawanella, studied willingly to become a Computer Greek . Expecting to finish the A/L's By 2011 August and switch to Computer Studies in Informatics Institute of Technology and Carry On my BEng Degree

Sudied Programming since age of 10 to 16 and Developed my skills in Graphic Designing , Web Developing , Java and Photography, by 18.

Tamil English and Sinhala and have a dynamic mind set to other lanuages too

Favourits stands for Browsing twitting Reading Digital and Sleeping(Napster)and poking { just started Recently }

Joined the College Rugby team and Planing To Play the Sport of Sprit and Stamina

Friends Means Everthing. Know People From all over the world US to Newzeland

Reach is only Islam. God is only Allah. Prophet is only Muhammed.

--- I'am Proud To Be A Muslim --

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