Eldar Alasgarov

Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Hi Everyone,

As you already know, my name is Eldar Alasgarov and I'm currently a second year student in the University of Southampton (UK) on Information Technology in Organisations course. I am from a lovely country named Azerbaijan and I'm proud to be a part of it, no matter what happens.

I study in IT in Organizations and I'm Interested in Web development, and also IT consultancy and risk analysis. I’m a hard-working, adaptable and reliable person with an intermediate programming experience and knowledge in IT, who has a keen interest in expanding his knowledge in this area and is ready to accept any challenge on his way to success.

I have various experiences in different fields of working beginning with a small IT department of a hospital and ending with an IT Research Institution and Government structures with one hundred employees. There I had to apply all my teamwork and problem solving skills, as well as adaptability and flexibility to be able to work in different schemas and on different platforms or softwares.

Plus, I’m currently a secretary and co-founder of our University Azerbaijan Society, where I frequently apply my leadership abilities to manage people, and moreover, fluent knowledge of four languages allows me to communicate with a broad diversity of people from different countries and nationalities.

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