Eleanor McHugh

Software Architect, Privacy Evangelist, and Freelance Reality Consultant in London, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Ellie, a forty-something British hacker and trans woman best known for my presentations on Ruby, Go and Privacy.

I'm the sometime author of A Go Developer's Notebook, an accidental primer on encrypted network communications and functional programming masquerading as a text on programming in Go.

I'm also co-inventor of a number of patents in the fields of Digital Identity, Asset-Tracking and Biometric Liveness with my long-time friend and collaborator Romek Szczesniak.

During two-decades as a commercial developer I've mostly worked on mission-critical systems: cockpit avionics; satellite communications; broadcast automation; and, digital identity.

My latest side projects are a book on the design and implementation of role-playing games called Games With Brains, and a video series based on A Go Developer's Notebook.

  • Work
    • InIdSol
  • Education
    • MSc. Information Systems in a European Context
    • BSc. Applied Physics, Microelectronics and Computing