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Journalist, publisher, photographer, translator, environmental reporter, freelance editor...

I'm living in a suburb of Athens, Gerakas Attiks, since I was two years old. I love my town and my country GREECE.

I also love nature and over a decade I'm writting for environmental issues... ecology, organics & GMOs, animals, health, green reports. As environmental journalist, I had many collaborations... 2 years, I was editor-in-chief at BIOKOSMOS NEWS (monthly green newspaper), editor to METRO ATHENS newspaper, OINODROMIO magazine (about wine)...others.

I had my own green magazine, GOLDEN FLOWER from 2007 till 2010. A nice magazine about environment, organics, eco-fashion, travels, green gardening, health... Unfortunately I had to stopped its circulation because of greek market crisis.

I studied in 2005, Environmental Management too.

I had my own page at site www.NEWSIT.gr ... GO GREEN page and I had collaboration with the greek journalist Nikos Evangelatos.

My last freelance collaboration was with AERAS MAGAZINE - OFFICIAL CYPRUS AIRPORTS MAGAZINE till it stopped its circulation December 2012.

For the moment I'm external collaborator of BENAKI PHYTOPATHOLOGICAL INSTITURE (BPI GR) to public relations matters & press. Benaki Phytopathological Institute, which established in 1929, was the first Greek research institute to have a broad scientific basis in plant health and plant protection. Since then, the Institute has earned itself a reputation as a guardian of quality, safety and sustainable development in agriculture.

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