elena jean

Entrepreneur and Filmmaker in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

elena jean

Entrepreneur and Filmmaker in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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I create content, explore ideas and build brands that inspire, educate and entertain.

Creative by nature, skilled by dedication. I've got thousands of hours under my belt, mastering storytelling, branding, digital marketing and content creation.

I'm currently working on a documentary series, "Coextinction". And I'm building out a media-focused brand that creates films about endangered species, drives educational campaigns and sells products. The ethos behind this brand is "all life is interconnected". And in the coming months to years I'll be building out "One Species", connecting wildlife conservation organizations around the globe.

I studied engineering, but I'm a creative by profession. I THRIVE on discovery (and dark chocolate). My brain is speed-wired to ideate and envision - creativity is my O2B (oxygen2brain). I live to push boundaries, think bigger, test limits, discover and build solutions. I want to educate and inspire people to pursue progress and to celebrate life.

Wanna know EVEN more about me?!

I currently live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. I'm an explorer. I've travelled and worked abroad, and lived in the Amazon and Malaysia. I'm the founder of numerous projects and businesses. I'm hella passionate, wait no, I'm obsessive. I've made some noise for the planet, mental health and educational reform, painted, filmed, written, photographed, acted, sung, ran far, danced poorly (but often), slept (sometimes), drank (too much) coffee/tea/beer, and generally had a great time!

I love meeting people working on cool things, people with optimism, who work hard and dream BIG. Ping me elena.routledge@gmail.com.

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