elena jean

Filmmaker in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

elena jean

Filmmaker in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Elena Jean is an award-winning independent and freelance filmmaker specializing in documentary, wildlife, culture, tech and outdoor adventure.

Available for freelance work as a director/producer (AD/AP), documentary host/presenter, cinematographer (AC), writer and editor.

For inquiries, email

[email protected]

my story

I picked up a video camera when I was ten. It wasn't long before I was filming and editing my own news show, spoofs of Steve Irwin's Crocodile Hunter, claymation animated shorts, and other maniacal ideas. Not much has changed ;)

I studied engineering from 2012-2017, during which I also pursued social entrepreneurship and environmental projects.

Growing up, my dad worked at a zoo and his passion for nature and animal behaviour really stuck with me. I've always been deeply curious about “the wild”. This has led me to work on wildlife and conservation film/media projects around the world. Recently, I co-directed and produced "Coextinction" (2022 release), a full feature documentary about endangered orcas and social-environmental injustice in the Pacific Northwest.

in development

I love stories that inspire curiousity, possibility and a sense of adventure! And, I'm especially interested in telling stories about the extinction crisis, nature, our changing world, sport and wellness. I'm currently working on my next projects, stay tuned. Stay curious ;)

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  • Education
    • BASc, Queen's University
    • PADI
    • Performance Freediving