elena jean

Filmmaker in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

elena jean

Filmmaker in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Elena Jean is an award-winning independent and freelance filmmaker specializing in documentary, natural history, outdoor adventure and dramedy film and media.

Working as a director (AD), cinematographer (AC), documentary host, writer and editor.

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my story

At ten, I picked up my first video camera… It wasn't long before I was filming my own news show, spoofs of Steve Irwin's Crocodile Hunter, claymation animated shorts, and other maniacal ideas. Not much has changed! ;)

I studied engineering from 2012-2017, built some businesses and launched some environmental projects. Then, found my way back to film.

Growing up, my dad worked at a zoo and his passion for nature really stuck with me. I've always been deeply curious about “the wild”. This has led me to work on wildlife and conservation film/media projects around the world.

Recently, I co-directed and produced "Coextinction" (2022 release), a full feature documentary about endangered orcas and social-environmental injustice in the Pacific Northwest.

in development

I love stories that inspire curiousity! My work's often character-driven, with playful, adventurous elements.

There's always something interesting in development over here…. Follow my (mis)adventures and updates @elena.jean


  • Education
    • BASc, Queen's University
    • PADI
    • Performance Freediving