Tadashi Jokagi

Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture

My Name
I'm Tadashi Jokagi (a.k.a. ELF).
Please call me Tadashi, Joe and Joe-san (and ELF/ELF2000 on internet only).

I'm a freelancer. My position is system engineer (Web service developer and Server Engineer).
I have been worked to develop game console (sound component) and sdk until the year 2000. after that I became web engineer.

I have living in Ehime prefecture about 4 years, Japan now. My hometown is Osaka. I have been lived about 22 years. and I have been lived in Tokyo about 18 years until 2011.

I like Japanese heavy metal, J-Rock, J-POP and baroque (Bach is great creator).My favorite musicians are X-JAPAN, SEX MACHINEGUNS, THE ALFEE, EARTHSHAKER, SIAMSHADE, YES, JOUNEY, Simon & Garfunkel and other. and my favorite instruments are acoustic piano, guitar, strings, organ and synthesizer.

I'm playing the electric guitar. and I had played the keyboard about 5 years when I was younger. But my playing skill is not well. I have ESP and Fernandes guitars. It's very favorite.

I have Sony a57 and NEX-5. It's my favorite cameras.
I have enjoying to take a picture almost everyday.

I like a dog, reptiles and amphibians.
I had some pets. dogs, cats, turtles, a green iguana and some kind of fish.

I've started using English from 2002 for translation of OSS. But my skill was so bad.
I've studying English for the 2 years.
I've been met with a good teacher. I'll do my best.

Last Message
You should make a friendship with me. So please contact me ;)

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