Elias Hatimi

Journalist in Munster, Germany

Elias Hatimi

Journalist in Munster, Germany

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I am a journalist, human rights defender and a humanitarian aid worker. I received my Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Journalism, Kabul University, in 2013.

My career started with writing blogs for Bitlanders. After volunteering and internship with a couple of organisations, I started my full-time job with the National Institute of Management and Administration as Placement Officer. Afterwards, I worked as Marketing and Sales Associate at the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association. Thanks to Prime News Page facilitated an incredible opportunity to reach and connect to young and talented personalities. My role as Chief Editor allowed me to conduct training programmes on Citizen Journalism for students in private universities, while circulating citizen news through the platform.

It was not too late that I chased another opportunity of working with the most well-known Network of women in Afghanistan - the Afghan Women’s Network. I worked as Chief Editor for AWN Newsletter. I founded the Newsletter while the last issue published at end of 2017, which was the last day of my work with the Network, but my contribution continued.

I joint ActionAid International - Afghanistan as Senior Communication Officer for two years to support child rights and protection. Later on, I joined Islamic Relief Worldwide as responsible role for media and communication for a short time.

I started to work with World Vision International - Afghanistan as Communications Manager in 2020. By this opportunity, I continued serving the most vulnerable children and households in western part of the country.

By achieving the CrossCulture Programme scholarship, one of my dreams came true. I am a member of CCP Alumni and Country Representative for years 2020/23. Throughout this programme, I could explore opportunities for work, built a network with the European Youth4media Network and visited other media houses in Germany.

I founded the Afghanistan Human Rights Defenders Club to enhance the knowledge of Human Rights and relevant topics. This initiative granted another opportunity to become one of the members at UN Rosters for young human rights educator. Now I am one of the core group member of Amnesty International Germany-Afghanistan group to act for the human rights.

By 2021, I acheived Elisabeth Selbert Initiative Scholarship, and I got the chance to rejoin the team at Bennouhaus as Project Manager.

Recently I have been verified by ECPMF for the journalists in exile fellowship, I am into it.

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    • Journalism at Kabul University