Elias Jones

Designer, Facilitator, and Mensch in Charlottesville, Virginia

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Hailing from the glorious Pacific North West, I've been Designer for 20 years in many settings, even multiple hemispheres. I've been fortunate to live, breath and earn a paycheck at the intersection of beauty and business, from a renegade ad agency in Italy (way before Facebook was a thing) to in-house creative services at large & mid-size companies.

My mantra is "never stop learning" and I am an avid student of evolving techniques & technologies that advance my Design work and my interaction with team members. My broad experience has rendered me well-versed in cross-functional team dynamics, creative leadership and design thinking methodology (or just thinking like a Designer). I'd rather be known for being ingenious than innovative, but we can discuss that further when we meet.

At home, I'm "Popa" to my grandson, which is really the best part about being me.