Elias Parker

With a solid reputation as a valued UX-recruiting partner, I'm in love with user-centered practices in design, businesses & technology.

With a newtwork of over 40,000 UX practitioners, I'm an active board member with www.effectiveSC.org and a strategic consultant to www.uxmagazine.com. In addtion to being a founder of www.mustardlabs.com I also consult for www.didus.com - partnering with businesses to recruit for their user-centered a practice and/or team.

Understanding teams, their processes, personalities, successes & downfalls is key to building healthy, growth-supporting teams - this is my philosophy.

I'm from Toronto, spent time in Vancouver, & now Denver. In past lives I was a student & practitioner of ethno-political conflict analysis, a group facilitator, an international travel guide, a semi-pro skateboarder, a cyclist, & a drummer in a really bad band.

Email me to explore how I can help you (or if you think I need help).