Eliel Arrey

Medical Student and Music Composer in Texas

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Eliel Arrey is one of the rising figures in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene.

Eliel Arrey has over 100 recorded commercial works and numerous collaborations with artists all over the world. His works are readily available on major music carriers such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, and for streaming on Spotify.

He has composed songs in a variety of genres such as New-age, orchestral, electro house, dance, World, hip-hop, and many more.

Eliel Arrey cites as main artistic influences two families of musicians: for his anthems and classical tracks, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Thomas Bergersen, John Powell, Audiomachine, and Two Steps from Hell; for his EDM productions, David Guetta, Avicii, Jake Shanahan, and Hardwell.

Eliel Arrey is also a Medical Student at UT Houston who is very interested in surgery.

Read more: www.elielarrey.com

  • Work
    • EA Music Group
  • Education
    • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston