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A copy of the health declaration form may be gathered from the designated hospital or clinic once you have obtained all the required documentation. You may then return the completed form into the clinic or hospital.


The Tunisia Health Declaration Form is a legal requirement that each and every resident of Tunisia need to complete and sign before entering the country. The objective of this document is to inform the authorities of your intent to reside in Tunisia, and to supply updated information in your medical history and present condition. The general categories of information required include name and birth date, social security number, passport details, contact numbers for family and physician, as well as emergency numbers and prescribed medicines. You will be asked to indicate your religion if you obey any. You will also need to announce if you are in need of global assistance (such as help with applying for an immigration visa). You will be asked to give details on any disabilities or disorders you may have suffered from because of past or current war, political conflict or natural disaster.

This form is not difficult to complete and is generally available in many languages, including English. If you aren't a native speaker of English, but it is strongly suggested that you take the time to learn the terminology in order to make confident you have completed your legal duties properly. This is particularly important when you require specialized therapy, as your primary care physician might only be able to write in English, and will thus require that you use your other language (if you're unable to read or speak the language) to communicate with her or him.