Elina Razdobarina

Business Agility Coach in San Francisco, California

I work with founders and executive teams to bring business agility into their organizations. That is: move fast, deliver value, delight customer and innovate.

Through coaching, training and consulting I help to build capabilities to embrace and drive change.

Examples of what I build with my clients are:

- AGILE MINDSET: Control is an illusion. Enabling is the key.

- ORG. CULTURE: All-encompassing rubber band, and it is everyone's job to build it.

- HUMAN CAPITAL RE-THINK: From 'for people' to 'with people'.

- ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP: How to lead the EverChange.

- ALIGNMENT FOR RESULTS: Focus , execute & experiment with OKRs.

- VALUE: If it's not value, it is waste. Do Less.

- LEARNING ORG: From training for skills to developing thinking capabilities.

- TRANSFORMATIONS: Ignite the fire through co-creation.

My approach is to draw what's appropriate from the latest management thinking (agile, lean, design thinking and neuroscience) to build environments where people find their passion and can perform their best. Where processes and structures are enabling, purpose is clear, and the entire organization is capable and aligned for results.

People. Processes. Performance. Always fascinating.