Hong Kong / Taipei / Vancouver / Toronto

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With a head for finance and her heart in the arts, Elisa Chiu is a Hong Kong-based photographer whose images feature a poetic touch of vivid colors and spontaneity. Originally from Taiwan, Elisa relocated to Canada where she obtained her master's degree in financial economics and then later settled in Hong Kong upon graduation.

Although never having been formally trained in arts, the pursuit of creativity has always been an inspirational force in her life. At the end of Elisa's first year at university, she founded UBCLE - Literature Etc. (http://www.ubcle.com/), a Vancouver based student organization focusing on photography, movie, literature, music and fine arts. It was through organizing UBCLE's theme event for photography that she was first exposed to the basic concepts of a DSLR.

However, it was not until many years later, after she had started working in HK, that Elisa started shooting with a DSLR. She is a firm believer that hardcore gear is not a pre-requisite, nor a guarantee, for outstanding photography. Her images with just a tiny point-and-shoot camera were featured by the Italian travel magazine The Trip and Schmap Toronto Guide.

Taking advantage of Hong Kong as a hub, Elisa is an intrepid traveler who boards the plane whenever possible. She embraces diversity and cultural experiences from different parts of the world. Travel and photography soon became two of her passions that complement one another. Elisa's desire to immerse herself into local people's life and culture has made it possible for her to capture some subtle and authentic moments.

Travel Montage is her debut exhibition, a collection of images with exceedingly different subjects and styles taken on her travels to destinations such as Cuba, India, Nepal, China, Turkey, Argentina, Vietnam, Germany and more. Oct 9 - Nov 3 2012 with opening reception at 7-9 pm on Oct 11 2012. Culture Club Gallery, 15 Elgin St. (Lower), Soho, Central, Hong Kong.

* [email protected] || www.facebook.com/photo.travelmontage || http://travelmontage.com/