Elisabeth Flower

Animist Priestess Minister in Tucson, Arizona

Elisabeth Flower

Animist Priestess Minister in Tucson, Arizona

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Long ago when I was just a wee child I'd make up poems and sing them to the plants, birds, trees, and angels.

Now I'm an adult and my words are still being shared in a variety of ways.

I weave a lyric of joy, silliness, fun, and play while working with children. I feel that it is important to help children reach their highest potential with their special gifts and skills.

My rhythm is strong and true as I walk the Animist (connection to all beings) path as a facilitator and intuitive.

As an empath I sense emotions.

I expand my abilities by teaching classes, doing Reiki and Craniosacral sessions, and offering readings for people.

As an Animist Priestess Minister, I believe deeply in "connection".

I spread peace and gentle energy while being an Animist Reiki Master Teacher.

I am Elisabeth-Animist, daughter, partner, teacher, storyteller, sister, intuitive, empath, facilitator, child whisperer, friend, artist, poet, writer, nature lover, Reiki Master Teacher, and seer.