Elisabeth Walter

Integrative Health Coach in Colorado

It's time to heal, y'all!

What if your symptoms were really messages that simply needed your tender care and attention?

Our medical system teaches us to depend on doctors and medications for everything from autoimmune to mental illness.

We treat symptoms instead of nurturing ourselves with compassion to heal and understand the messages our bodies express.

Our food, environment and communities impact our physical and mental health.

I help people create more balance and improve their lifestyle to support their health.

I support individuals seeking freedom from co-dependency on the mental health system.

Together we will work to build self-trust and strengthen your identity by focusing on your values so that you can be free to live your best life.

My toolkit:

  • Somatic Movement
  • Breathwork
  • Grounding exercising
  • Body-Awareness
  • Visualization
  • Guided Meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Western Herbalism
  • Functional Nutrition

These same tools supported my health and healing transformation. I recovered from leaky gut, hormone imbalance, insomnia, anxiety, co-dependency, and trauma.

I became free of psychiatric medications after 20+ years of misdiagnosis and living within the confines of the mental health system.

I believe you can heal and I believe in you.

You are not broken.

No diagnosis is permanent.

If you are ready for a coach who will challenge and empower you to take the small, steady steps to make big shifts, I'm your gal!

Reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation.