Juan Fernando Villa Hernández

Medellín - Colombia

My volunteer activities are free and aimed at communities or vulnerable or at risk, nonprofit organization, professional guidance for Youth at Risk of Violence, Prostitution and Substance abuse or causes of social innovation or Smart Cities

The activities can be conducted in person or on behalf of the Centre for Innovation and Technological Development "País del Conocimiento" What I am Member. https://www.paisdelconocimiento.org

Such activities can perform only the weekends and these must be scheduled in eight days in advance and must remember that activities should include transport costs, stay and food.

The subjects I teach (for free) are:
- Basic programming in HTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP (Code Academy or Hour of Code)
- Basic Linux installation, adjustment and configuring a desktop environment
- Creation of Websites and Blogs with Wordpress
- Introduction to E-Commerce with Magento
- MOOCs Guidance and support for learning online courses from various portals.
- Smart Cities and City Hacking for University Youth and students of last year of secondary school

I like receiving invitations to:
- Hackathons
- Barcamps
- Conferences
- Festivals technology
- Presentations of Free Software or Open Source Software

That topic of conversation or conference I can submit your event?
Check my skills in https://www.linkedin.com/in/juanfernandovillahernandez and if you find something that fits your needs you report me to organize something about it or else introduce some of my preference but we'll keep you updated.

To contact me you can call me at + 57-4-3328656 or + 57-3003145084 in Colombia
For Chat or Hang Out at: [email protected]
To Videoconference on Skype: juan.fernando.villa

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