ElitePay Global

Henderson, NV, US

ElitePay Global offers a full line of merchant services and related products designed to meet the processing needs of businesses of all different sizes and industries. Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, the firm maintains nearly three decades of experience implementing and servicing state-of-the-art payment processing systems for clients nationwide. ElitePay Global’s longstanding reputation as a client-oriented enterprise within the merchant services sector stems from the company’s commitment to providing customizable plans and solutions, dedicated customer support, and advanced payment processing technologies.

At ElitePay Global, experienced customer support professionals work with clients to find payment solutions that meet their unique business structures and operations. The company’s solutions options range from countertop terminals and integrated point-of-sale systems to mobile and portable devices. ElitePay carries compact-sized all-in-one terminals and other types of equipment from such leading manufacturers as First Data and Hypercom (now Equinox Payments).

In addition to providing top hardware solutions, ElitePay Global supports merchants with the latest in data protection and reporting software. The firm connects clients to one of the industry’s best encryption and security platforms, AprivaPay, which secures customer data received and sent through smartphone-based payment systems.