Elizabeth J. Kucinich

Washington, DC

Elizabeth is a producer of two documentaries, GMO OMG and Hot Water, and a passionate advocate for pure food, health, animals and nutrition. Elizabeth is a board director of J/P HRO (Sean Penn's Haitian Relief Organization), the Rodale Institute (the oldest organic research institute in America, est. 1947), and is the Policy Director at the Center for Food Safety (CFS) in Washington, DC.

CFS is the foremost legal authority on food and agricultural issues in the United States having successfully prevented at least seven potentially hazardous GE crops from being commercialized, and been a key advocate for GE food labeling. CFS has filed numerous groundbreaking legal petitions to halt the use of dangerous feed additives in industrial livestock operations and has ramped up its legal and policy efforts to protect pollinators from toxic pesticides while being an advocate for strong organic standards and protections for family farms.

Before joining CFS, Elizabeth was the director of public & government affairs at PCRM, shaping initiatives to reform federal nutrition policies and to promote advanced alternatives to the use of animals in medical education and research. In years prior, she was an advisor and congressional liaison for the 63rd President of the United Nations General Assembly and organized the American Monetary Institute’s first international conference on monetary reform. Elizabeth has lived and worked in slums in India and rural communities in Tanzania, East Africa.

As someone who has spent much of her life traveling, Elizabeth values the importance of home - the place where individuals become families and the wayfarer finds sanctuary - so she has established a socially conscious real estate firm, Capitol Estates. Elizabeth shares the funds she raises through her business and referrals from across the nation, with charitable causes.

Married to Dennis Kucinich (Fox News contributor, fmr 8-term Congressman & two-time US Presidential Candidate)