Elizabeth Casteel

Spokane Valley, WA

I am a Graphic Artist and The Tomato Lady in the Spokane Valley, WA. I am married (to a lovely man for 11 years) and have 5 kids (one of which is still at home) and one grandson. I own a horse (Dancer), one dog (Rocky) and four cats (Fluffy, Sugar Baby, Samson and Pitty Pat). I enjoy cooking, baking, entertaining, making greeting cards, jewelry, quilts, reading and gardening. I love the outdoors, showing my horse and making new friends. As The Tomato Lady I sold 6700 tomato plants and almost 1000 pepper plants last spring and I am a graphic artist with a studio in my home. I'm on the women's ministry team at church and am very active in our church.

For those who are interested, my background picture is set in Northwestern Montana. It is a to-scale reproduction of Stonehenge on a golf course.

  • Work
    • self-emploed graphic artist, The Tomato Lady