Elizabeth Hannan

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Scottsdale, Arizona

Adventurer ~ Aspirant Polymath ~ Entrepreneur
Healthy Lifestyle Connoisseur ~ Keynote Speaker ~ Scotch Consumer

Elizabeth helps build brands from small and unnoticed to accomplished brand recognition through community development and enabling clients through education. She works with clients to guide their business strategy online from content development to a commerce based model.

Elizabeth Hannan is a business communication strategist, agency-experienced online marketer, a seasoned corporate executive, a community brand development specialist, accomplished in social PR and by default a serial entrepreneur.

Over the past 15 years she has developed and experienced a clear hands on understanding of what defines a business as successful and the key factors that need to be present for a business to be successful in the age of “Relationship Economy”. Utilizing business developmental strategy, technology, the social web, formulas and algorithms, and analytical metrics Elizabeth suggests the best Call-To-Action procedures to enhance your business. Elizabeth also consults with developing and establish brands to maximize on the value of creative campaigns building on a solid solid lead generation strategy with longevity in mind.

Co: BlueBlazingMedia.com - Blogging: JiveFromTheHive.com - WhenToZen.com

Speaking: ElizabethHannan.com - Email: Elizabeth (AT) BlueBlazingMedia (DOT) com

When Not Online: Find Elizabeth living a healhty balanced life, hiking to the summit of a local mountain top, or anything outside with her Huskies.