Elizabeth King

I'm generally all wound up about making myself, you, kids, and the culture smarter and more enriched--and if you're already smarter than I am, I'm learning from you.

At this point I think it's finally safe to say I'm a writer. I've written a couple books, Outsmarting the SAT (Ten Speed 2008) and Winning the Customer with co-author Lou Imbriano (McGraw Hill 2011). If arts, culture, education, and critical thinking are more your speed, I talk about that on my blog Stay Out Of School.

I'm also the President of Elizabeth King Coaching (http://elizabethkingcoaching.com), an online boutique SAT and ACT preparation company that's hell bent on actually teaching and inspiring kids. This, unfortunately, makes us revolutionary.

I like to pick brains.

photo (c) Ana Schechter