Ellen Onieal Little

Palm Bay Florid

I have spent many years in the Leadership and Development division of a large corporation; and would help store managers and human resource managers perfect their skills and grow their businesses further than they ever expected to. Many colleagues are now in powerful positions because of the insight that we shared, and the action plans that we developed together.

In these times of ambiguous economy, wide spread doubt and depresssion and consistent doom and gloom news stories; people need to hear that "Its going to be okay". When you create your independence and develop an action plan that propels you into the next adventure of your life; the rewards that await you are priceless!

Will it be easy? Some days it will. The best part is that with my help you can create a plan that is strategic; easy to follow; and executable even with the tighest time management calendars. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Start a new adventure with Business Resolutions. Action Focused... Results Driven! Visit my Website for Class information, coaching packages and much more!

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