Ellery Davies

Writer, Editor, and Public Speaker in Boston, Massachusetts

Ellery Davies

Writer, Editor, and Public Speaker in Boston, Massachusetts

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I made my mark assembling management teams for high-tech start ups. But my mid-life passions are: Bitcoin, privacy and cloud storage.

I hold the only patent on a Sender Bond (or ‘Attention Bond’), an economic disincentive to Spam and telemarketing. I am the inventor behind RDDC (Reverse Distributed Data Clouds) and BSR (Blind Signaling and Response), a method by which search and cloud services—like Google—could demonstrate zealous respect for user privacy.

I co-chair The Cryptocurrency Standards Association and produce The Bitcoin Event at LaGuardia. I lecture on BSR. I am trying to persuade Google privacy managers & directors to invest in R&D and ultimately to adopt a radical methodology that demonstrates profound respect for users.

What I think about:

Coinbase got it right. They will turn back a bad rap that characterize the early days of cryptocurrency exchanges. I predicted the Mt. Gox failure, and I wasn’t afraid to opine.

Bitcasa got it wrong. They had a great thing with Infinite Storage and deduping. They could have added distributed peer storage and torrent re-acquisition. Instead, they sacked Tony Gauda. A really, really bad move!

Google is doing many things right. But Sherry Listgarten got it wrong, insisting that Privacy is a social contract without a technical solution.

My daughter is my current project. But, as she passes through her teens, she is becoming independent. Time for Dad to focus on Bitcoin, Privacy and Cloud Storage!

Ellery Davies, Winter 2016

P.S. “Ellery” is a pen name used in my Blog & editorials. Check out a awildduck.com or reach out to me with the contact form there.

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