Elle Wong

While I'm in the midst of working on this page, I thought I'd just fill in some random thoughts and blabbering about myself since you're here already :)

So... Hi there, I'm Elle!

I work from home and enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life. I believe that there is an interconnection among each and every one of us, somehow, someway and if we are open and just try, we will learn from one another to gain new heights of wisdom and serve a higher purpose in this lifetime.

Everything happens for a reason just like how you've found this page right here, right now.

I only learnt to live in the moment not too long ago and I'm loving it. We get so carried away dreaming about the future that often we forget to just LIVE in the present.

I also love mother nature. I take on activites such as diving, hiking and occassionally I take my road bike to explore random daily escapades.

Though I'd like to blabber some more, but I reckon I should stop here for now. Meantime, feel free to get in touch with me via facebook. I'd be happy to connect with you :)

Thanks for stopping by and keep SMILING! :)