Elliot Adler San Diego

Real Estate Developer and REIT Manager in San Diego, California

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Elliot Adler San Diego recognizes the value of these financial products, as they allow individuals to participate in real estate transactions while maintaining liquidity and generating earnings, especially when significant individual real estate investments may not be feasible shortly. REIT and real estate mutual fund investments can be made through regular purchases of shares or similar securities. Moreover, individuals can also invest in these vehicles through retirement plans, including 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, or Health Savings Account (HSA), ensuring easy access to capital while benefiting from the potential returns of real estate investments. REITs provide an opportunity to maintain an interest in a diverse portfolio of properties, including apartment complexes, office buildings, commercial hubs, and more. The revenue and earnings generated by these holdings come from various sources, such as rent collections and other gains. Investing in REITs allows for a well-rounded stock portfolio and offers a high level of diversification, providing additional protection against market downturns.

Beyond his business ventures, Elliot believes in the importance of philanthropy and charitable involvement. He goes beyond simple monetary donations and makes volunteering a cornerstone of his philanthropic efforts. He also encouraged his employees to participate in volunteer activities in his previous roles actively. Adler's favorite volunteer experiences include active engagement in youth basketball leagues. He generously donates funds to cover necessary expenses like uniforms, league fees, and equipment for inner-city clubs. Additionally, he dedicated two years as a volunteer coach for a high school varsity boys' basketball team in San Diego, sharing his passion and expertise with young athletes.