Elliott James Frisby

songwriter, music producer, and Musician in London, UK

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Get out, learn your craft, work hard and serve the song – those words are the backbone of Elliott James Frisby’s musical ethos.

In a modern world engorged with televised talent shows and dangling carrots of fame, it is this backbone of determination and drive that fuses an old school attitude with the most contemporary of songwriting talents. A lyricist whose words capture truth, and a melody writer with can’t-stop-singing-along hooks, Elliott is a musician who writes that joyous string of songs that gets better every time you listen.

Born and raised in Southend-On-Sea, music represented Elliott’s chance to escape the maelstrom of teenage life. Channeling his thoughts and feelings into his guitar strings, his aspirations to make songwriting his future clicked into place as a teenager and have only grown since. His career which journeys from dimly lit clubs and the backstreet bars of Soho right up to taking centre stage at the Royal Albert Hall, provides the milestones and markers that have musically moulded the Elliott you now hear.

His versatility of work with a range of emerging and established artists plus his focus on making the best of each and every song marks Elliott out as a dream-worthy collaborator, a songwriter who puts his dedication, determination and refined talent into everything he does. But just as joyfully as he writes uplifting melodies, so his repertoire belies an understanding of a deeper sense of feeling; one that reaches out and connects with listeners on subjects and emotions that resonate with the heart.